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Nepali for beginnners: ‘Kokone!’ means ‘Cheers!’ (64/100)

Just one word this time: Kokone!

It’s the Nepali version of “Cheers!” in Enlgish or “Santé!” in French and it’s what we said to each other every night during the workcamp. Because sunset is early this time of year (about 17:15) we often played Uno in the evenings.


We played for beer money. The buy-in was 10 rupees (less than €0.10) per game and the loser got the money and had to buy everybody a round, i.e. 3 large bottles of beer. I lost only a few games, but one of them left me with this hand.



Balthali Sunrise Timelapse nr. 2 (62/100)

I got up early once again on Wednesday. We were going to start walking at 07:00 so everybody had to get up early but I stretched it a bit (05:30) so I could make another sunrise timelapse movie. This time I placed my camera right outside the house where we sleep during the camp.

So there is a lot more people coming and going (and I am in front of the camera most of the time myself). It shows how busy the passageway is but it might look a bit chaotic. But in the end I think I like the result.

SCI Workcamp Balthali Fall 2015: The crew (61/100)

As you might know by now I’m currently on a workcamp with SCI. Today I would like to tell you a bit about our international group.

Our group consists of nine persons, of which three Nepali, one Bangladeshi, an Australian, a Slovenian, an Italian, a Frenchman and me, a Belgian. (in order of distance)
On top of that we are being assisted by a teacher of the school named Sankar.


From left to right: Sankar, Unique, Jay, Thomas, Anil, Lea, Conrad, Punya. Krishna is not in the picture because he had to go to Kathmandu and I’m the photographer.

Balthali Sunrise Timelapse (60/100)

This morning Lea (a Slovenian geography student and the only woman in the workcamp) and I woke up early to see the sunrise over the village in which we are working. It was dusk, but the sun was still hidden behind the mountains. And it stayed there for a long time as the spot we chose  was rather low.


I set up the camera and we waited for a while looking at the games the clouds and the mist were playing with the mountains. Then, while the cocks were crowing and the dogs were barking (and fighting), the sun rose.

een weg naar de toekomst?

Almost on my way to say namaste every day (58/100)

Today is my last day in Belgium as tomorrow I have to get up early and fly to Nepal (but I will first be spending the night in Mumbai). I’m really looking forward to my trip and to see the people I have missed this past year.een weg naar de toekomst?

The first leg of my journey I will be clearing the rubble of a school in Balthali and as of the 9th of November I’ll have all the time to visit friends and do some sightseeing (and celebrate Maya’s second birthday). But first it’s time to finish my bags and work another day.


Nepal still low on fuel… So I’ll go by bus(57/100)

UPDATE: Subesh will come and pick me up at the airport by boke. Awesome!

On Thursday I’ll land in Kathmandu. Normally we were going to be picked up by SCI, but…  as private vehicules have a limited fuel supply due to the fuel shortage and as everybody is landing at a different time, we must go to Panauti by bus.

On top?

Though there has been some good news on the fuel side (127 fuel tankers entered Nepal yesterday and China will provide 1000 tonnes of fuel by November 25) the shortage isn’t over yet. Officially India isn’t blocking fuel supply to Nepal, but the Indian Border Security Force cited “orders from Delhi”.

Maybe I’ll ride on top again…

Back To Nepal Again (9/100)

tempelIt’s been on my mind for a while, but now I’ve sent my application it’s definite: This fall I’m going to Nepal. This time not as a volunteer for HANDnepal, but for VIA (internationally known as SCI).

One of the projects SCI is doing this year is the reconstruction of classrooms in the Shree Ladkewori Lower Secondary School in Balthali. It’s not a school I’ve previously been to, but it is in the district of Kavre where the schools are HANDnepal went to last year. It feels good to go back even if it’s just for a week or two.

BlueFi, a raspberry based portable remote area network

Every now and again you might be in need of some internet in some harder to reach places, like in a valley. Or just too far away from the nearest antenna, resulting in a wonky connection. And maybe you need a portable and energy friendly setup. In that case I might have a solution for you: BlueFi.

My good old WokFi

My good old WokFi

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