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Nepali for beginnners: ‘Kokone!’ means ‘Cheers!’ (64/100)

Just one word this time: Kokone!

It’s the Nepali version of “Cheers!” in Enlgish or “Santé!” in French and it’s what we said to each other every night during the workcamp. Because sunset is early this time of year (about 17:15) we often played Uno in the evenings.


We played for beer money. The buy-in was 10 rupees (less than €0.10) per game and the loser got the money and had to buy everybody a round, i.e. 3 large bottles of beer. I lost only a few games, but one of them left me with this hand.



SCI Workcamp Balthali Fall 2015: The crew (61/100)

As you might know by now I’m currently on a workcamp with SCI. Today I would like to tell you a bit about our international group.

Our group consists of nine persons, of which three Nepali, one Bangladeshi, an Australian, a Slovenian, an Italian, a Frenchman and me, a Belgian. (in order of distance)
On top of that we are being assisted by a teacher of the school named Sankar.


From left to right: Sankar, Unique, Jay, Thomas, Anil, Lea, Conrad, Punya. Krishna is not in the picture because he had to go to Kathmandu and I’m the photographer.